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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Feeling Unloved...

Do you see how long it's been since I got to speak on this blog? Bloody April 17th (when He still had a girlfriend ha ha!). But His other blog - How to write a novel - oh, that's being updated all the time lah-de-bloody-dah! (Who wants to learn how to write a novel by a bloody No-mark who's never gonna get a book published in a million years? And this despite my best efforts. No bugger, that's who.)

Anyhoo, I'm only actually here because of His stoopid book.

It seems that he's not come up with a brief synopsis of The World According to Boring John and I'm meant to talk about it right here. Say how crap it is, I guess. Well, you know what, I can't be bothered. I'm just going to list it for you, and your delectation, and provide you with the links to his (more beloved) other blog and then go back to sleep.

You know what, I used to be a contender, and now I'm nothing more than a facsimile thereof.

Why I oughta... Etc.

The World According to Boring John is a book about the two most important characters in a novel – the main character (BORING JOHN), and the writer (DA OTHER GUY) – and their slowly-worsening relationship as they both struggle with the demons of the blank page. Da Other Guy believes that writing something is better than writing nothing – indeed, that’s the premise of the book – whilst Boring John is not so sure: actually, he’d much rather be in a James Bond novel, or to be able to write his own book. Frustrated, Boring John starts to rewrite his ‘life, the universe, and everything’ lines and moan about Da Other Guy instead (as well as writers in general, and readers, and even Jeremy Clarkson…).

Things come to a head when Boring John discovers Da Other Guy pretending to be him.

It is approximately 80,000 words long and was completed in January, 2008. The genre is (loosely) Lad-Lit.

25-Word description
Monologue on 'life, the universe, everything' by a character who'd much rather be in a James Bond novel. So he starts changing his lines...

Lad-lit without the bombs and boobs(*)

Links for more

* A-bloody-las! :-(

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