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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 15: My Life as a Blog (2009)

Ooh, now I'm not a mind reader (as you know) so I'm not too sure what, if anything, my life (as a blog) will be like. I rather hope that I will evolve from the pond-life that is my blog-life to something, er, more fulfilling and interactive. That is, I rather hope I get a girl (or two) in an adventure that doesn't take place out in cyberspace with no one to read me but My-As-Bored-As- Me Writer.

But, as I said, I couldn't really possibly comment as it's 2009 we're talking about here, and that time has yet to come.

Oh, sorry, I'm making all this up. I know the future and, as well as it being orange, it looks like this: My Life as a Blog (2009)

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