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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Day 8: The Bubbly Gum Years

Once upon a time, when The Writer Of This Blog looked a lot like the little boy you see on the left, a brief career in shop-lifting started when a single bubble gum (see below) was not-so-secretly sneaked into a little boy's pocket whilst he was in his local shop.

The eagle-eyed storekeeper of The Little Shop (for that was the shop's name) - an upstanding figure of the community, no doubt, and probably a man called Barry - noticed this misdemeanour, and simpy asked the lad to return the Bubbly and to then go home and tell his Mum just what he'd done.

Thankfully said little boy had not previously listened to Ian Dury's "Razzle in my Pocket" and so he decided that if he couldn't even lift a bloody bubbly gum then he might as well stick to the straight and narrow! So he trundled back home and confessed all...

Note: this is not the same Bubbly - just in case you were thinking!

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