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Monday, October 09, 2006

The thrill of the chase?

Apparently we men love the thrill of the chase.

We love to chase the object of our desire more than we love to win that object.

I have never subscribed to this view. However, I have chased women in the past, only to not be bothered once I had won them over.

So am I contradicting myself? Am I completely self-unaware? Or does the woman's attitude whilst being chased change once she has been seduced. Does it change from attractive, and self-respectful to needy and overly demanding?

I know that I don't like chasing, and feel somewhat bemused that I have obviously 'chased' (or tried to get back) and then dumped on at least one occasion.

The fact that the woman changes as soon as she's in a relationship is my defence, m'lud. I am not a chaser!

[To be continued...]

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