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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Last Line


I've written it, at last, the last line in a novel that I wrote. Actually, it's a book, not a novel, and the last line is also the first line, and I didn't write the book, I'm just a character in it. But who's quibbling, here!

Want to know what it is? The last line, and all? Well I wasn't going to tell, but as I know you're curious and as I know that no bugger else reads this blog (yet) I'll tell. But you must promise not to share it with a soul! None of that "I know that Harry Potter dies in Book 7" nonsense. Last lines are important, see.

Okay, here goes.

But please don't laugh (or "I will die").

Why not?

Well it's not only a last line to a book, but it's also (one of) the last lines in the lives of people like you and me. And if you laugh at the line, you laugh at The Truth of Life.

And you should never laugh at Truth. (Unless it's a joke at Truth's expense, but then you know what I think about jokes, don't you!)

Yes, Truth (aka wisdom) always comes back to bite you in yer bum when you're not looking. (Ouch!)

Never laugh at truth or wisdom, and you'll live a happier life.

It's true.

Okay, then. Drum roll, maestro please. ("I thank you.")

The last line is...

"And that's how two characters should dance together in life."

(Hidden above. In white font. Hee hee!)


julia burnett said...

that is so unfair, i really wanted to know the last line lol

Me said...

Well it's there if you but look for it. Clue: it's written in white 'ink' in the space above. So, how to reveal it? Over to you...

shane knight said...

i still want to know the last line please share ROFL