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Friday, November 24, 2006

Bad Science (continued...)


Dismissed as bad science by those conditioned to think classically about stuff, homeopathy is loved by those that have experienced the medical benefits.

So I like to think that homeopathy is just science you don't understand (I'm talking to the doubters now, the "show me the proof"-ers). Or, the science of placebo. (We foolishly underestimate the power and potential of our minds. And this is the clever-clogs 21st century, too!)

And I have no problem believing that homeopathy works. Even if it doesn't. Even if it's just a powerful form of auto-suggestion. After all, what matters most is that people get better -- whatever reason you wish to attribute to this success is up to you -- not that homeopathy can be proven to work in laboratory tests.

Or is methodology really that much more important than results?

(I once told a science-loving friend that I was going to write a book called Science is Not My GOD. You know, I don't think he even registered what I was trying to say.

Obviously, I am more than happy with obeying the laws of physics (though I do occasionally fly home from work if the traffic is a bit thick) but that does not mean I am an unquestioning slave to the logic, reasoning and dismissal of anything that cannot be proved that is science. Talk to a Christian about the Bible and you will find an equally rigid response to any questioning of the meanings that they take from The Good Book.

The fact that I can lump both these groups together is actually quite ironic - they tend not to have much overlap, see! Or is that moronic? So hard to tell these days. Let me do some tests...)

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