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Thursday, May 11, 2006

British Summertime

British-types are always laughed at because of their obsession with the weather(*). But the thing is, when you can (literally) have all four seasons in one day, you'd get obsessive about it. So, yesterday and today have been gert lovely, and I'm just about ready to go for a lovely summer's evening walk when ol' Goddy up above decides that us Brits have had our allotment of fine weather for the month of May and turns it off. I'm not happy. The Weatherman promised more of the same yesterday, and I believed him, but now I have a crinkly face and nowhere to walk.

* The same goes for us Brits and our obsession for talking about 'our journey'. Again, We only ask because there are so many ways to get around the good ol' United K, and so many of those ways are gol'durned awful!

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