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Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Moans #1

I was just reading a newspaper piece about the lost art of conversation, and how blogging - one-way monologues (oxymoron alert! -ed) - was not necessarily a good replacement for conversation, for engaging in dialogue.

But before I read the piece, I had this moan on my mind. I've always wanted to moan about the moans below but never had the opportunity to at least vent my annoyance.

Until now.


Moan #1 - People who don't watch subtitled films because...

it's hard to read the words!

D'uh! What, can't you read or something!

Here's my solution for you, then:

  1. Watch the dubbed version of the film (if it exists). The fact the actors' mouths do not move in synch. with the words that you can hear shouldn't spoil things too much, should it! What you don't usually even listen to the words, anyway...
  2. Watch the Hollywood version, instead, remade with all of Hollywood's film-making values intact. After all, My Father, The Hero wasn't too bad and The Ring was pretty scary, wasn't it. Oh, you never watched those movies, either!
  3. OK, agreed! Don't watch 'em then! But you'll miss out on films like Ring (scary), Amelie (utterly enchanting), Delicatessen (dark, magical) etc. etc.
Rant over, somewhat disappointingly so too.

When it comes down to moaning about it, I just can't find the words of bemused bafflement (shutup about oxmorons, please!) to describe why I think it's daft not to watch a film because it has subtitles!

You might as well say, "I don't date blondes / I only date blondes", or I don't read broadsheet newspapers because, well because it's difficult to hold the newspaper.


(Yes, I must get out more, but it's raining see!)

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