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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What I should have said was...

Don't you just hate it, when!

Don't you just hate it when you lend someone a book, and you tell them how important it is for them not only to read the book but for them to return the book to you, and they say 'yeah yeah, I'll return the book, no problems', and you give them plenty of time to return the book but they don't return the book not even after you've had the hassle of asking for them to return the book several times!

Don't you, well I do!

And it's bloody annoying.

So, to make things right I'm going to name and shame right here!

Hall of book-lending shame

Yes, these are the actual names of the culprits (Don't they realise that they spoil it for everyone else, as sooner or later I'm bound to stop lending books out? Is is laziness, or are they just tight? I don't know, because I've never not returned a book....)

  1. Tom H. - Book about HTML
  2. Liza P. - Venus and Mars in the Bedroom
    (Rrrrr! Liza. Either you're a slow learner, or just a selfish old biddy!)
  3. Michaela - Book about HTML.
    (Yes, when Tom H. finally returned the book to me, I leant the very same yellow Stickie-filled book to Michaela. Even told her she had 3 months to read the book, but she must return the book to me.)
I hope all of the above read this entry. (Tell 'em why don't ya!)

Not giving books bad is bad, people, very bad! And yow should be ashamed. (Best Brum accent here!")

You know what! I should be working now, not bloody wasting my time ranting about these wastrels!


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