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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Yeah, you're right..."

...next I'll be wondering what you're doing on Saturday, and what you look like in a... well, whatever!

Stop that now!

I'm not sure about this older woman scenario that you talk of. I was *MORE THAN* happy to have my older woman experience I can tell you, even though it was obviously a Top 5 disappointment! I think I got more 'damaged' from my first girlfriend and from living with a bullying sister.

Like The Murphys, I'm not bitter.

No point, is there. Live and let live, and do as much loving as you can possibly manage :-) I like talking about love n stuff whether with a 'woman' (read potential date) or not. That's what my novel will be about.



I'm a [blogger], very easily google-able hence the nom-de-plum. [Let's hope to Blog she doesn't do a search for the words in this email! ;-) ] I work for myself. Just about make enough money. But the challenges to stay visible online grow every day... [Hmm, how do you stay visible every day Mr John?]

Maybe I should try Big Brother.

That's what my friend said.

You see I try and facilitate, and make the peace and stuff. They'd love me [for doing that] wouldn't they! Lol

[Boring John]

PS Oh, [my photo was taken in my back garden, when I was going to be the next Pele]

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